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About Us
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Our philosophy of care at Aegle Pharma stresses prevention and patient education.


Our mission is to provide effective treatment and judicious prescription of the highest quality of compounds in a warm and caring environment. We achieve this by combining certified medical care with effective functional medicine in an integrative fashion. We are whole-heartedly committed to your wellness and your unique needs.


Participatory care is core to our principle of treatment. Participatory care means that the patient is a key partner in their return to optimal wellness and maintenance of health. This requires full understanding of a patient’s situation.


It is also on this notion that we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting to the root cause of your health problems. We will facilitate a thorough and thoughtful evaluation.


Once a diagnosis is established, treatment follows through accordingly; with prescription medicine and in keeping with a standard protocol. At Aegle Pharma, treatment goes beyond following a medicine regime; it is our sincere hope to educate and empower you with potent lifestyle management strategies that may bring you a lifetime of exceptional health.


Personifying Wellness, Transforming Lives

How We Define Ourselves

 Aegle derived from Greek mythology, the goddess of radiant good health; brightness; splendor from the beauty of the human body in good health

Pharma 1. pharmaceutical companies collectively as a sector of industry 2. a pharmaceutical company.

Aegle Pharma
Radiant good health comes from a wholesome approach that involves detailed attention, curated by a specialist, who understands your specific needs and caters to those needs. This is achieved by building trust through integrity and commitment to uncompromising top-quality niche compounded health products and services
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