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Here at Aegle Pharma, all your supplements are compounded in well-defined and reserved areas that are adequately designed, equipped and maintained in lieu with the Malaysian Good Compounding Guidelines (2018) and United States Pharmacists’ Pharmacopeia (2008).


Every inch of the lab has been carefully planned, designed and built to adhere to the international standards of lab design. Each smooth, seamless wall and bench was built to ensure no dust may collect at any given time. The Aegle lab has separate areas for oral and topical formulation compounding. In addition, all automated equipment used in compounding are routinely inspected and calibrated to ensure accuracy in our preparations. All compounding are carried out in powder containment hoods to ensure the safety of our personnel.


The lab was designed and engineered so as to ensure all items compounded within its walls are of top-quality and absent of any risk of cross contamination.

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Compounding encompasses the art and science of customising active pharmaceutical ingredients based on a qualified doctor’s prescription. The school of thought that ‘one size fits all’ is not applicable in the pharmaceutical world as all our physiologic and bodily functions vary from one another. Here is where pharmaceutical compounding meets these needs. Compounded prescriptions are ideal for any patient requiring unique doses and/or delivery devices which can take form of transdermal cream/gels, capsules, troches, suppositories and sprays. Here at Aegle Pharma, we compound your supplements with utmost accuracy and quality to ensure all your specific needs are addressed.

Is compounding legal?

As to whether compounding is legal or not, the FDA has stated that compounded prescriptions are both legal and ethical as long as they are prescribed by a licensed medical practitioner for a specific patient and compounded by a licensed pharmacy. In Malaysia, our compounding pharmacy adheres to the strict guidelines set by the Ministry of Health Pharmaceutical Regulatory Board.

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