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There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to healthcare. Everyone is unique.

Dr. Sangeet Kaur

CEO and Founder, Aegle Pharma Sdn Bhd

Dr Sangeet is a firm believer in using integrated approach to treat underlying medical conditions by addressing the root cause & not just symptomatic treatment.

She’s a qualified & certified practitioner in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) since 2007 & Nutritional Medicine 2012.

She has supported numerous patients regain their youthful vigour & vitality
Her philosophy: Nutrition, Optimal Hormones, Exercise, Stress Reduction & Supplements (Vitamin & Minerals ) from the 5 pillars of wellness good health.

Her Credentials

  • MBBS from Kasturba Medical College , Manipal India in 1997

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Practical Dermatology from Cardiff University in Wales 2007

  • Board Certified in Advance Hormone Therapy from International Hormone Society in Belgium, 2012

  • Certified Practitioner in Nutritional Medicine (ACNEM , Australia) 2017


She actively lectures for the Society for Advancement of Hormones & Healthy Ageing Medicine Malaysia (SAHAMM) & trains doctors who are new in this field.

This is her story...

Aegle Pharma Sdn Bhd was incorporated on the 9th of August 2012 as a pharmaceutical company with the objective of providing ethical, uncompromising quality- compounded products of bioidentical hormones, supplements and nutrition to those in need.


Although the inception of this pharmacy only began in 2012, my personal health journey started way back in 2007. At the age of 36, I was constantly plagued with mental fog, frequent headaches and chronic fatigue. I was told by other doctors that I was healthy despite all these tormenting and intensifying symptoms. Struggling to cope with my social life and daily responsibilities as a career woman, wife, mother of two, and daughter to an ailing mother diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, I was convinced something was wrong and thus began my search for the root cause of my lethargy. In my quest for an answer, I was encouraged to attend an anti-aging conference. This conference became life-changing as I met my soon-to-be mentor, Dr. Anoop Chaturvedi, an anti-aging specialist from United States. His wisdom guided me back to the basics of biochemistry, nutrition and hormones. I was soon diagnosed with subclinical hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. By taking supplements, making lifestyle modifications and reducing stress, I was able to optimize my thyroid and adrenal levels. I felt reborn as I became more active. My clouded thoughts became clearer and my energy levels increased. This solution to my health issues was a grand revelation.


Naturally, this revelation led me to help my mother shed her mantle of suffering brought on by chronic Rheumatoid Arthritis. Through supplements and nutritional changes, we managed to wean her off a rather unpleasant anti-rheumatic drug. This drug is also used as a chemotherapy agent and an immunosuppressant; it causes many unhealthy side effects and may even limit one’s lifespan. It was a huge relief to remove this toxic medication from her prescription. Now, even at the advanced age of 80, she still has good quality of life; she is able to chauffeur her granddaughters around and proudly cooks for the family.


In the medical field, our journey to recovery is known as Integrative Medicine. This field of medicine involves looking into the root cause of a health problem(s) and addressing the issues causing dysfunction with nutritional supplements and bioidentical hormones. Bioidentical hormones are similar in molecular structure to those hormones produced by our body; they are non-synthetic and are effective in solving hormonal issues without the nasty side effects brought on by synthetics. As I became more and more convinced by the efficacy of this doctrine of wellness, I sincerely wanted to help anyone who was burdened by similar health issues. Sharing this route to optimal health has become my passion and purpose.


To further my expertise in the field, I did specialist training in Advanced Hormone Therapy under the International Hormonal Society at Belgium followed by a Masters in Nutritional Medicine (ACNEM). I actively involve myself with conferences annually to keep abreast with the latest treatment modalities available and share my experiences with those who are new to this field in order to raise more awareness among members of the public.


I have always been keen on the quality of compounded supplements being consumed by myself, my loved ones, and my patients, who have placed their trust in me. I decided to set up my own compounding pharmacy, AeglePharma, where I could ensure that there is much emphasis on quality control. The formulations of supplements made by Aeglepharma come from the wealth of knowledge I have accumulated through vast experience, years of clinical practice, and continuous research on the latest treatment protocols related to various health issues.

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